A Career Old Enough To Drink A Whiskey Sour

(Legally, that is)

When I was younger people would tell me how quickly time passes. I’d shrug it off and think they were wrong. But, it turns out, I was wrong about their wrongness. I’ve spent 21 exciting, happy, sad, interesting, and everything in between, years in the military. Along the way, I’ve learned too many things to list. So I’ll give you 21 lessons, one for each year.

1)You’re dumber than you think. I don’t mean that in a sense of lower mental capacity but more so, you realize pretty quickly that you have a lot to learn.

2) Gossip is everywhere at every age. You just have to ignore it and try not to participate. I’ll admit, I failed miserably.

3) There are plenty of fish in the sea. It’s a military installation and dudes basically grow on trees.

4) Even if you don’t love your job, having a good attitude is 90% of the battle.

5) Get out of your comfort zone. Travel, try new foods and talk to people you normally wouldn’t.

6) Sometimes people say weird things. Learn to roll with the conversations because you’ll definitely learn something.

7) Find a best friend of the opposite sex, especially one who plays the field well. They’ll key you in on the games and will not lead you astray.

8) Go to the beach. Just go.

9) If life takes you somewhere unexpected, just know it’s all part of a bigger plan.

10) Sometimes smaller is better. Smaller towns make stronger bonds.

11) Life changing events bring you closer to truly knowing yourself.

12) It’s never a bad idea to expand your mind. Take a class, read a book or learn a new hobby.

13) Don’t lose yourself trying to please someone else.

14) It’s ok to vent. We all have bad days. Just make sure your venting doesn’t become whining.

15) Your Mom is important. Remember that.

16) Embrace the suck. If you end up doing something you aren’t crazy about, remind yourself that it could be worse and find a way to de-stress.

17) Speak up when something isn’t right. It’s one of the most difficult things to do but put on a brave face and do it. You’ll be thankful you did.

18) Laugh. Laugh a lot. No matter what’s going on, there’s always something funny.

19) Take care of yourself and watch out for others. Losing even one person to suicide is one too many.

20) Spoiler alert: Owning up to your mistakes WILL make you a better person.

21) Make the most out of your days and do what makes you happy. Like those “old fuddy duddies” constantly said, time goes too fast.